What some clients and customers have said about us…

In preparation for my wedding, Juan Antonio served as the driving force behind my body transformation. Prior to meeting, I was out of shape and unmotivated to make frequent gym visits. When I did go, I opted for easy cardio on the treadmill or elliptical. With no plan, I’d get bored and left feeling frustrated by the lack of results.

When entering the weight room, I felt overwhelmed and intimidated.

After working with Juan Antonio, I now look forward to going to the gym. My body is defined, toned, and my energy has significantly increased.

Juan Antonio is an excellent communicator. His custom tailored support system – 24/7 Coach – streamlines the path toward meaningful and lasting results. It ensures accountability, monitors progress, tracks assigned metabolic conditioning/strength routines, cardio challenges and shows you exactly where you stand on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

I remember feeling anxious that my hard training would go to waste on my honeymoon. Through 24/7  Coach, I had a custom plan for Bora Bora and I came back looking better than ever!

I’m currently training for Big Sur’s half marathon and am implementing Juan Antonio’s training program daily. Time with him has given me to the tools, information, and knowledge to succeed in reaching my expanding fitness goals.

I could not be more pleased with my results – my fitness pictures prove it! And I could not have asked for a better coach and better human being in Juan Antonio. He’s a dedicated professional who inspires you to work toward your full potential. Any client would be fortunate to have him in their corner. If you’re ready to work hard, make changes and get results, let Juan Antonio’s training system streamline your path.”

Kristen, age 29
School Educator
Los Altos, CA

I am fitter, stronger, faster and more resilient than when I started working with Juan Antonio. Having had a bad back injury in the past, it has taken me a long time to build my confidence back up with physical activity. The experience and patience, coupled with just the right amount of nudging me, have worked great to take me to new fitness levels.


Juan Antonio is very patient and has an even temperament. Despite his own extreme levels of fitness, he has the ability to convey to his clients a real sense of accomplishment after each training session. His attention to follow-up and consistent suggestions – whether on nutrition, exercise or useful gym equipment – all give me the sense that he really care about his clients. That’s rare.

Whilst my eating habits are still not ideal, I do think that I am more committed to physical fitness than ever before. I try to do something six days a week and feel a responsibility to Juan Antonio as well as myself to keep improving. I find myself more focused now when I visit the gym to train on my own or during a guided coaching session.

You get out what you put into Juan Antonio’s training system. You will truly get what you seek if you put in the necessary work. With Juan Antonio in your corner, you will always feel that you have someone who cares about you and your goals as much as you do.”

Joe, age 52
Palo Alto, CA

Training consistently with Juan Antonio has been immensely rewarding. I feel better and stronger inside and out. A lot of things I’ve accomplished with him and through his training methods, I’m sure I never would have done in my life without his keen guidance.

With his steadfast support and unique training methods, I got conditioned enough to complete the San Jose marathon with a respectable time. That was a radical challenge and life changer for me – and I’ve done various training in martial arts, boxing and wrestling!

Juan Antonio’s going to hold you accountable for the time you put into your body and mind. He has a scientific system for everything and it works. His main skill is that he presents his science as an art without trying too. It’s not enough to say that he is “pretty phenomenal!”

One thing I’d like to share with everyone is that training is hard work. The upside is you get an immediate return on investment and build a solid foundation to grow from. Juan Antonio actually understands the concept of “training” versus “working out.” Most coaches I know “work you out” or give you “workouts.” Not Juan Antonio. He will teach you how to start training properly from day 1. You’ll decide when your training ends. Once you get a firm grasp on training, you will have it for the rest of your life. Quit “working out” and start training.” Place faith and trust in Juan Antonio’s methods. I have and I’m a better athlete for it.

John, age 35
Coach & Counselor
Oakland, CA

karina_bringbackfit.comI’ve had the pleasure of having Juan Antonio in corner for a few months now. From the moment I met him, I knew he was one of the few coaches who genuinely wanted me to achieve my goals.

My primary goal was to lose weight for my upcoming wedding. The first thing Juan Antonio said to me was, “Work with life, not against it.” With my hectic and heavy work demands, that really resonated with me.

He took into account my off-the-walls crazy work/travel schedule and the fact that I only had a couple of hours of free time to devote to training. He took the time to understand my lifestyle and developed a training and nutrition program that fit into my life. His philosophy of training to “fit your life” has helped me accomplish my goals faster and more effectively than I ever imagined.

Not only do I train with Juan Antonio a couple days a week, but he constantly checks in with me during days I train on my own to make sure I’m using my time as effectively as possible to get the best value from each training session.

Juan Antonio has the ability to drive me harder than I thought possible – and I was a highly competitive and successful Division I rower!

I’ve enjoyed working with him so much. He’s the reason I’m achieving significant fat loss. I do really well when people tell me what to do and Juan Antonio is great at setting up incredible challenging training sessions for me. His methods, guidance and consistent check-ins are what keeps me on track toward my goal.

I know I will reach my weight loss goal in no time with his careful and systematic guidance. If you have the pleasure of working with Juan Antonio, you’ll feel and see success after every training session. All he asks for is a willingness to try. He will work with you to find solutions on all your excuses, because I know he does with mine! If I can achieve my goals with my rigorous and demanding work schedule, I know anyone else can.

Karina, age 34
Clinical Affairs Manager
San Francisco, CA

When I started working with Juan Antonio, I was pretty out of shape: I could barely do 10 push ups, got out of breath quickly and felt low in energy most of the time. When he took me on, I noticed he looked the part himself. That made me feel confident he would be the right person to help me get where I wanted to be. Juan Antonio definitely practices what he preaches in and out the gym!


What I enjoy the most about working with Juan Antonio is his no nonsense approach. He continually reminds me, you have “trained and untrained” people. Hi simple – but not always easy – tips have really been paying off for me. I now train regularly 4-5x/week, take my suggested supplements daily (fish oil, multivitamin and creatine) and eat lots of vegetables.

Juan Antonio keeps it real for me by focusing on the 80-20 rule: it’s ok to “cheat” 20% of the time as long as you don’t go crazy and stick to doing the right fundamental things for 80% of the time.

Thanks to his unique online tracking system, his regular text messages and emails, he has kept me motivated and on track to my goals. Now, most things have become a habit for me and I no longer need to force myself to do them. Being strong, lean and healthy has become my new lifestyle.

Today I am feeling fit, have much more energy, and focus. I’ve also tripled my strength and stamina from when I started three months ago. I even consistently test myself with the “50 Burpee-to-Pull Up Challenge!

I have my friends and family complimenting me on my “new look” and I owe it all to Juan Antonio’s training methods. I trusted in his approach from day one and it worked for me. I still look forward to each training session with them because he’s positive, fun and a highly driven person. He makes me work harder and smarter than I ever could by myself.”

Robert, age 36
Global Customer Services Manager
Mountain View, CA

I have been training with Juan Antonio for a couple of years through several different phases in my personal goals – losing weight after my wedding figure buzz faded, staying strong and healthy during my first pregnancy, losing the baby weight, navigating random work injuries that I encountered and most recently, maintaining my newfound strength and overall fitness levels during demanding work and life schedules.


Juan Antonio always makes the most of our time together. He encourage me to test the limits of what my body can do, while paying careful attention to what it’s telling me. He always seems to know exactly where to set the bar for me.

He’s very mindful of injury prevention through proper warm-ups and appropriate recovery methods, and has made thoughtful modifications to exercise movements when needed; such as during my pregnancy, while dealing with an injury or on low energy days.

I have always been very happy with the physical benefits I get from working with Juan Antonio. He has instilled in me a deeper motivation to continue training through all my life changes. For anyone out there who wants to see what they are truly capable of, I highly recommend working with Juan Antonio.”

Meredith, age 34
Director of Marketing
Menlo Park, CA

Will_TeamMOSThe results of working with Juan Antonio for just a few months have been astonishing. I’ve lost body fat and inches off my waist and I’ve gained a good amount of strength and lean muscle.

My wife, family and colleagues have commented on my more lean appearance. The best part is I’ve able to do all this without sustaining any injuries.

Three things made a significant difference for me. First, I like that Juan Antonio had a strong focus on nutrition, in addition to physical training. Improving my daily nutrition intake has been a key component to the progress I’ve made. Secondly, Juan Antonio holds me accountable for my fitness regimen on a daily basis with his proprietary online tracking system 24/7 Coach, which lets us both know exactly where I stand daily, weekly and monthly. Finally, the exercise movements and sequences he selects clearly fit into a game plan for total functional fitness and are not just randomly assigned. It’s clear Juan Antonio has my best interest and goals in mind.

I should also give credit to the personalities of Juan Antonio as his dedication to his clients really shines through. He inspires me to go to the gym at 5:30AM when it would be far easier to just stay in bed like I used to. I’m now consistently eating better, am physically active most days of the week and I’m lifting heavier weights!”

Will, age 50
Managing Director
Palo Alto, CA



I was 45 years old and in good physical shape when I met Juan Antonio. I could run 10k in about 42 minutes and visited the gym regularly. Under normal circumstances, I would never have used a coach. I didn’t feel it was necessary. It was by pure luck that Juan Antonio entered my life.

Encounter at Stanford University

Until I met Juan Antonio, my training was based on trial and error with frequent injuries – especially when lifting weights in the gym. I worked with Juan Antonio when I attended an intensive eight week Executive Program at Stanford University (SEP). During the last week of the program, SEP staff created a video capturing the experience and each participant was asked what he/she thought was the best part of the SEP program.

My answer: JUAN ANTONIO.

It’s difficult to put into words what it is Juan Antonio actually does for you, but I´ll try to describe the long lasting influence he has had on me and the people around me.

Positive Effect & Lasting Influence

I live in Denmark and it is now almost three years since I was introduced to Juan Antonio. After working together with him for eight weeks and returning to Denmark, I gathered four of my bodies (all mid 40s) and introduced them to my new body and guru. I replicated exercises and methods introduced by Juan Antonio to my new training group.

Juan Antonio was/is with us four times a week when we get around for training – even though my buddies have never met Juan Antonio, he is present during our training – he never misses a training session.

Very soon however, I realized that merely trying to copy Juan Antonio’s training methods wasn’t enough. Something was missing without his special flair. The group had several questions I couldn’t answer and the results were not developing for them as they worked for me. Hence I contacted Juan Antonio.

After analyzing all our goals, he put together a beautiful remote training program for us to follow and placed it in the cloud. After each training session, I would fill in our training results and he would comment on them and make recommendations. It has been a tremendous help in order to achieve our individual goals. Our youngest member likes to say, ‘I owe you guys my life. I was fat and in awful shape before you took me in.’ We all owe Juan Antonio.

Today we still follow the principles of Juan Antonio’s training. We are not by all means health fanatics, but the encounter with Juan Antonio changed our lives forever. Our dining and drinking routines has been altered to a more healthy lifestyle, because you don´t want to ruin the good result of training. We enjoy skiing and do this as often as possible with a large group of people. It is evident that we, Juan Antonio’s sub group, are in noticeably better shape than the remaining group. My wife and two teenager boys have also adopted the healthy lifestyle and do exercises regularly, hence Juan Antonio’s influence is vast without him knowing it.

To anyone who might consider using Juan Antonio as a coach – trust me, you will not find a more dedicated and professional person who knows how to get you to your goals. Don´t think twice and miss an opportunity to change your life. He knows his stuff. And he’s always willing to run the Stanford Dish with you. As a bonus, Juan Antonio is a very likeable and easy-going person you would be proud to call your friend. I am.

Juan Antonio’s virtual 24/7 Coach Danish group whom he have never met says “THANKS COACH.”

Morton, age 47
Copenhagen, Denmark

Humility goes a long way. I would have never in a gazillion years guessed that Juan Antonio was so ridiculously educated and well structured with his systematic approach to fitness. I hired him within a couple of days of first meeting him. Why? For no other reason than his unpretentious attitude, stellar mind and devotion to ensuring I achieve my fitness goals. His chakras are in order – good energy, good vibes and a kind spirit. Thank you for not being the typically loud, excessively built, personal trainer/ salesperson I was accustomed to and expecting. You inspire me”

Anabel, age 33
Public Relations
Los Angeles, CA


October 2010 was the last known “fit” year for me. I hiked the Rae Lakes Loop in Sequoia National Park twice in two weeks and was cycling up Mission Peak (21% gradient in parts) at least three times per week.

My how time flies.

In December 2012, I ruptured my right plantar fascia doing nothing specifically strenuous. My injury sentenced me to three months in an air cast boot. The inactivity nearly drove me nuts! In all my years on planet earth, I had never injured myself – never broke a bone or ruptured any tendon or ligament. This was a wake up call for me.

I was approaching my 4th decade in May 2013 and I realized that if I didn’t keep my body parts finely tuned up and moving efficiently, I would be experiencing a steady decrepitude over the coming decades.

I joined the Palo Alto Equinox in April 2013 and immediately started working with Juan Antonio.  I attribute my success to the serendipitous assignment of having Juan Antonio assigned as my coach. I feel very fortunate to this day to having met him to guide me on my fitness path.

A wise man once told me that in all his years of fitness coaching, he noticed that a majority of people were exercising because they just wanted to look good naked – the “LGN program” as he called it. I found his comment funny at the time. But I admit, initially, my training efforts were geared toward my not so lofty goal of simply looking good naked! I really wanted to build a better ass – toned, defined, powerful and beautifully appealing.

As my training progressed with Juan Antonio, I grew away from just my aesthetic focus to wanting to be really strong – I wanted to be able to deadlift and bench press heavy weights. I especially wanted to be able to do pull-ups! I realized, that deep down, I wanted to be able to hike Rae Lakes loop and cycle up Mission peak again.

I wanted to age backwards.

With Juan Antonio’s help, I achieved all my goals and more. I’m getting into Spartan Obstacle Course Races and I think Juan Antonio is partly responsible for influencing me! I’m happy to report that in October 2013, I pedaled up Mission Peak with relative ease. Sure my legs and lungs were on fire, but I found myself oddly comfortable with the high intensity efforts.

To my pleasant surprise, my mind kept repeating Juan Antonio’s words as I progressed toward the top, “Breathe. Focus. Stay relaxed. Find a way to make it through. Focus Jean.” What I admire the most about Juan Antonio is his dedication to his craft and the intricate level of care for his clients. Being a nurse, I know these are rare, high value qualities that make a tremendous difference.

Oct 2013: Mission Peak. I cycled all the way to the top just in time for the sunset.

Dec. 2013: St Thomas, Caribbean. I won a swimming race to the island and back, beating Captain John fair and square! My sister, who is 10yrs my junior, saw the pictures of my dive from the boat. She was very impressed with my physique – a mighty compliment indeed!

Jean, age 40
Clinical Wound Care Nurse
Palo Alto, CA

I’ve been training with Juan Antonio for close to a year, during which time I have been able to dramatically improve my overall health and reach milestones I did not think were possible.

Juan Antonio is incredibly committed to helping me reach my goals and often goes above and beyond what I expected and received from previous coaches. Whether it’s discussing my dietary situation, work-life balance or anything health related, his dedication has inspired me to make meaningful changes to my lifestyle.

Juan Antonio knows how to keep your training sessions both relevant and highly motivating. As someone who pays attention to the small details, I very much appreciate his ability to track my progress through various metrics and to set goals that force me to stretch passed my comfort zone.

Above everything else, the quiet and confident demeanor found in Juan Antonio is what sets him apart from other coaches I have worked with previously. I very much look forward to working with him for a long time to come.”

Gil, age 42
Palo Alto, CA

Prior to working with Juan Antonio, I’d never worked with a coach before, and I’d never had a regular fitness training regimen. Physical fitness was always something I felt I *ought* to work towards, but not something that I *wanted* to work towards. Instead, I found it easy to get wrapped up in life at home and work.

My expectation was that a fitness coach would be like a drill sergeant — pushing me without listening and focused on fast improvement over quality. I am very grateful to have found Juan Antonio. He’s down-to-earth, patient and always listen. I feel like he works with me to constantly adjust to my energy levels, current capabilities and aims to avoid any potential injuries at all cost.

I spend much of my time working on a computer. I’ve been working with Juan Antonio for almost a year – I’m stronger, have much better posture and I no longer have back or knee pain. Juan Antonio has greatly improved to the happiness and well-being of me and my family.”

David, age 35
Design Director
Woodside, CA


Sometimes life drives you out of focus. Have you ever found yourself driving your car and you arrive at your destination without any recollection of how you got there?

After ten years of intense work dedicated to building a career here in the land of opportunities that is the USA (I’m from Europe) and much junk food, I found myself twice as big as I used to be with an excess of 170 pounds. I found myself out of touch with my life.

How I did get here? I don’t remember exactly.

I have a great job that I love passionately, lots of friends, lots of interests to keep me busy and I fill my heart in my free time…but how did I arrive here and at what cost?

At middle age, suddenly something inside said “ENOUGH” and I had the burning desire of wanting to WAKE UP. I opened my eyes and refocused on a new day.

Is it too late? How am I going to do this and get back to where I used to be?

Fortunately, sometimes life self-corrects and gives you another chance. Trying to learn to adopt healthier life-styles and eating principles, I met an incredible woman and had the feeling that she could change me with the wave of her hand. Being a dedicated athlete, she dragged me to the gym with her and introduced me to Juan Antonio.

It takes a certain degree of courage for a 342lb guy to walk into a gym. If you have been or are there now, you know exactly what I mean.

Trust me, within a few minutes, Juan Antonio will crush those negative thoughts and feelings that have you doubting yourself and what you’re trying to accomplish. He immediately makes you feel that there’s a chance for change. His voice communicates hope unlike anyone I’ve ever known.

Training with a coach is not only about knowing the perfect combination of exercises in the correct order to improve your body and achieve your goals in the most efficient way. It’s mostly about understanding the person you need to train and finding the best ways to feed their motivation. After one training session, I knew Juan Antonio had the utmost experience in both.

Furthermore, he consistently demonstrates that he applies the same rigid tasks and requirements he asks clients to perform to himself. I think he even holds himself to higher standards. It’s incredibly inspiring to come to the gym and see him training himself or to hear his stories of impossible races – he does 24hr obstacle course races!!!

Maybe there is a chance for me?

photo (16)

My journey is long ahead, but after 8 months, already losing 80 pounds of body fat and benching pressing 150lbs (I haven’t benched press in over 10 years), I believe there’s a chance for me. Juan Antonio makes me believe in second chances.

Juan Antonio will guide you to your desired destination if you listen to him and do what he says. He only wants what’s best for you.

He will keep detailed track of your progress through 24/7 Coach, while refining the program day by day. He will be there for you when obstacles appears. And trust me, they will appear.

Whether you simply need to learn how to efficiently design a physical training program or you need to take your training to the next level, Juan Antonio is the coach for you. But if you have a big challenge you must achieve or high-level goals you want to reach, then Juan Antonio is your best chance of getting there.

I wish I had better words to say how Juan Antonio is helping me achieve my goals. If you need more info, just ask me! I’ll be at the gym – almost every day!

Angelo, Ph.D., age 40
Senior Research Engineer
Palo Alto, CA

Juan Antonio’s single greatest contribution to my fitness path was instilling in me the understanding that “working out” and “training” are not the same thing.

To train, I needed to have specific goals in mind, a strategic plan to get there, and an aggressive mindset to make sure I was always making progress towards that goal. Training with him was difficult, sometimes hard to the point of nausea, but that was only a result of his drive to get me to perform to the best of my abilities. In addition to being a trusted coach at the gym, Juan Antonio was a dedicated partner in my fitness life. On multiple occasions, he went on runs with me outside of our training sessions. He was endlessly dedicated and generous with his time.

I stopped training with Juan Antonio after a skiing injury. One of the worst parts of that injury has been being away from the kind of training that he introduced me to. I’m looking forward to the day when my injury heals, and I can end my “workouts” and start “training” again.”

Zach, age 26
Financial Consultant
Palo Alto, CA

Juan Antonio is the best coach I’ve ever worked with. He’s very professional and has an extensive knowledge base. He’s really dedicated to his work, his clients and is genuinely enthusiastic about helping people reach their goals. He provides a perfect environment to help anyone improve strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. His training model is geared around maximizing each while keeping them balanced. He always goes the extra mile to make sure you understand the correct form of each exercise and how it fits into the overall training model.

Juan Antonio suggests a unique and perfect combination of various exercise methods. Each training session is individualized and challenging, but never more than I could handle. He’s tough and sensitive at the same time. He knows how to drive me to my maximum levels possible, but also knows when I’m at my limit. His positive feedback and encouragement helps me to stay motivated and gain confidence.

What I love about Juan Antonio is he always makes training enjoyable. He sets the foundation for a healthier lifestyle – physically, mentally and emotionally. You will find no one more capable and caring on your training journey.”

Stefan, age 42
Berlin, Germany

I wholeheartedly recommend Juan Antonio as a coach to anyone who’s looking to improve their physical fitness. He has been instrumental in helping to improve not only my exercise regimen, but also the way that I look at and approach training in my life.

My fitness journey before I started working with him was sporadic and not particularly focused. He has since helped to craft a program for me that finds an optimal balance between specific goals and overall health.

Juan Antonio has helped me maintain my focus from training session to training session and also while we train together – he pushed me to excel beyond my capacity to test my limits, but always with safety in mind. I’ve definitely been extremely happy with the results that I’ve gained from working with him – I’m bench pressing 1.5x my bodyweight, can deadlift 2x my bodyweight and can do 10 pull-ups (palms out) on the fly.

I would certainly recommend Juan Antonio’s focus, patience, professionalism and knowledge to anyone looking to improve their fitness regimen.”

Aaron, age 34
Chief Technology Officer
San Francisco, CA

When I met Juan Antonio, I wanted to be fit, lose some extra body fat and was also making a career decision to go back to school. Juan Antonio helped me stay grounded. I trained with them one-on-one once a week for a few months. It was truly amazing. I quickly got in great shape. I learned a lot of tricks of the trade (i.e “the 15% special” on the treadmill to maximize fat loss). I also learned self discipline and how exercise keeps me physically and mentally in great shape.

I also learned about proper nutrition habits. I was looking and feeling overall better because of focused exercise, eating the right foods and eating at the most optimal time for my goals.

Training with Juan Antonio was my Zen moment every week, with 24/7  Coach being the simple key to my consistency. I was able to achieve my career and personal goals thanks to them.”

Ritu, Ph.D., M.S, age 59
Start-up/Biomedical Consultant
Palo Alto, CA

Working with Juan Antonio has been a rewarding and challenging experience. I’ve never been more fit in my life and have become enthusiastic about overall fitness and health because of him. The results I achieved in a relatively short period of time were surprising to me, family and friends.

Juan Antonio has the innate ability to push his clients in the right direction and provide that extra motivation. He’s exceptionally professional and takes his job as coach seriously – all the while, sensitive to one’s specific needs. He consistently provided me with custom tailored workouts, ideas to continue being motivated and encouraged me to keep working towards my fitness goals. The structure of our training sessions were always personalized and engaging – I was never bored, nor felt like I was wasting my time with exercises I could do on my own.

I previously trained with three other trainers from Equinox, but the experiences were incomparable. With Juan Antonio, you have a coach that’s very committed to his role as a fitness advocate, is genuinely motivated by the well-being of his clients and is well respected among his colleagues. Juan Antonio is one of the best assets you could have to reach your goals in a timely manner.

Jennifer, age 33
Vice President
Santa Clara, CA

I had been engaged in a regular workout regimen for over 2.5 years and was in reasonably good shape when I met Juan Antonio. In fact, if you had asked me then, I felt I was in pretty great condition. Looking back, that interpretation was about to change in a very big way.

I began training with Juan Antonio upon joining the Equinox facility in Palo Alto. My previous experience with coaches was limited, primarily due to me not being particularly impressed with other coaches that I interacted with at other clubs. Upon meeting with Juan Antonio, it was crystal clear he was much more SERIOUS about the intention of helping people achieve their goals and helping to make positive changes in their lives. Everything mattered to him.

Chuck_Team MOS

Initially, Juan Antonio guided me through basic assessment protocols – which incidentally proved to be very demanding. Rather quickly, it became evident that my fitness level was not what I thought it to be – there was plenty of room for improvement. Twice a week sessions quickly became the norm with Teams MOS and within 6 weeks, I was feeling and seeing significant changes in my body, as well as making gains in my cardiovascular capacity, strength and lean muscle mass.

Throughout the process of working with Juan Antonio, he was genuinely engaged and motivating each and every time we met. Beyond the one-on-one sessions themselves, he was keenly interested in communicating on my non-training day sessions, assisting with the coordination of my individual lifting and cardio routines –  he wanted to maximize my training time. He had endless tips, pointers and other motivational insights.

Are you ready to change your life? Because Juan Antonio is ready with his endless challenges.

In summary, my overall experience, commitment to and ownership of my personal fitness has been greatly enhanced by working with Juan Antonio. In addition to the physical benefits, my personal outlook has improved and my mental capacities have been positively impacted as well. I highly recommend him as a coach to anyone looking to enhance their training results, establish or adopt a fresh approach to training regimens, or simply to mix things up to reach peak fitness levels. He’s committed to the craft of coaching and is excellent and caring motivator.

Mentally and emotionally, I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to train with Juan Antonio for an extended period of time. I have experienced a revitalization of my youth and see the benefit of what’s possible through proper, focused training. I hope to catch an extended glimpse of those results as I continue to train on my own.

Chuck, age 54
Global Systems Manager
Mountain View, CA

Working with Juan Antonio has been nothing but great. He pushed me and taught me so much about my personal fitness and fundamentally changed the way I approach exercising. Before I would be “working out”, but now, I am training.

Juan Antonio helped incorporate serious and focused strength training into my life and showed me exercises that were easy to adapt into my training sessions. I still use them to this day – long after our guided training time has ended. Before training with him, I mostly stuck to yoga and basic cardio work. Nothing necessarily intense. Juan Antonio helped me realize that brief periods of intensity incorporated into my training go a long way.

I didn’t go into my initial training with any specific goals in mind, but just wanted to see what kinds of things I could learn that would really make a difference in feeling stronger and being leaner. Juan Antonio taught me how to properly use kettlebells, the best interval cardio drills to boost my metabolism and how to properly back squat/deadlift – all activities that I can now easily do on my own and have made a big difference in my body. He was never too intense, reminded me to listen to my body and was always very positive – all while giving me that gentle nudge I needed. I never felt overly pushed to my limits, but I still felt challenged – the perfect balance.


I could only do a few training sessions with Juan Antonio before deciding I had the skills/tools that I needed to continue on my own. One thing I didn’t expect and ended up making a huge and lasting impact in my training, was that Juan Antonio offered to set up with an online fitness training management system – 24/7 Coach – for me.

24/7 Coach offered tailored training sessions according to my abilities, I’d do them on my own at the gym, plug in what I did, and then I’d get feedback. This helped IMMENSELY and really gave me the motivation I needed to continue training on my own. Not only did it up my training intensity, but it inspired me to keep going.

I also really enjoyed having an advocate every time I went to the gym. Even when off on my own, doing my own thing, Juan Antonio would come over to say hello, ask how things were going and would occasionally give me a tip or two for a training session. Who does that? It was so great having that support and I cannot say enough how much that helped me keep up with my training. This made my entire experience with training feel more personal.

I have since moved away from Palo Alto, but I still think about my training sessions with Juan Antonio. His voice in the back of my head continues to inspire me. I would recommend him to anyone and think his overall training approach would work for anyone – whether they’re training for an Ironman or are just getting into the gym for the first time.

Juan Antonio showed me lasting skills and I’ve come away with a much better understanding of a what a well-rounded training program looks like and how to sculpt my body to its full potential.

Virginia, age 26
Client Services Coordinator


My Journey Begins

What to say about Juan Antonio – where do I start? Let me first say this: Juan Antonio changed my life.

I know that may sound a tad silly, but it’s true. If you were to have seen me a few years ago, you would have met a man who was unhappy with the way he ate, the shape he was in, and was stuck in a “workout” pattern that gave him no satisfaction and few results.

I played football in high school and all I knew was lifting heavy weights – it was all about the bench press! My training knowledge was essentially zero.

I think the first thing you have to know about Juan Antonio is how friendly he is. When people usually approach me during my training, I get pissed off. I just don’t want to be bothered. When Juan Antonio came by, I could tell he wasn’t there to “pick me up as a client.” He was actually interested in why I was doing what I was doing – he’s always about the why.


Next thing I know, I was spilling my guts to him about my workouts and the type of shape I wanted to be in. Perhaps that was Juan Antonio’s master plan?

Our first official training session was out of this world. I remember doing things I had never seen or even heard of before. I felt like vomiting toward the end. Either Juan Antonio showed me I was no where close to being “in shape” or he was showing me the new standard of fitness I needed to strive towards. When Juan Antonio put me on that evil VersaClimber machine – I knew then and there, that we were on to something special.

We met for one coach guided training session a week, which was perfect for me as student. How exactly I was able to keep up a progressive training program that produced continuous results with only one training session a week you ask?

Well, Juan Antonio was right alongside me the entire week in the form of 24/7 Coach. Juan Antonio had the foresight to create a fitness tool where your weekly training sessions and goals could be mapped out and planned out for you.

I mean, come on, that’s going the extra mile! With a system like that, it didn’t take long to see the fat melt away. Using 24/7 Coach was perfect because he was able to keep track of my progress without talking or seeing me everyday.  Even now as I’m in Austin, TX, we’re still in constant communication. As my goals change, Juan Antonio is right there with me changing the training sessions and teaching me new tricks, tools and techniques to try.

You definitely have to give the man credit for doing his research. From what I can tell, he’s a knowledge junky. He’s obsessed with knowledge and how it can be applied in the real world. He’s always reading up and testing new techniques, methods or new ways to help improve training sessions. He makes it a point to understand injuries, disabilities and physical/mental limitations you might have, and finds ways to work around them to produce results when composing training sessions.

Johnny 3My Journey to Beast Mode

Remember how I used to just lift heavy? My training sessions have now evolved into a more balanced approach that includes strength training, circuit training, yoga and all cardio activities – run, climb, bike, swim, row – I can do it all!

His patented metabolic conditioning training sessions are my favorite – I love them!!! They’re a way for me to compete against myself and test my all-around functional capabilities.

The best part is, just when you think you have conquered something totally insane, Juan Antonio comes up with something just as, if not more, hardcore crazy for you to try next time.

Some of the best memories I have are doing training sessions with Juan Antonio. Waking up at ridiculous hours in the morning just to get a training session in with him. He introduced me to trail running. He took me to the PG&E trail in Los Altos, CA and although it was filled with insanely tough hills, it was always fun.

The “Flying Monkey O-Course” training session he designed to mimic a Tough Mudder course in the gym will always stick out in my mind. That was a two hour hardcore workout we did together and it would have been three hours if I didn’t have a meeting to go to! Perhaps the one training session that sticks out the most in my mind is the “Surf Run” we performed at 7AM in Half Moon Bay, CA. Why we did this I’m still not sure, but it was tough, cold, different and fun.

Just ask Juan Antonio if he wants to go running with you. 75% of the time he will be down to go with you. The other 25%, he might ask you to get pancakes instead.

Completing a Tough Mudder is one of my proudest achievements. Juan Antonio knew I had what it took to face the challenges the course had in store for me. Having completed two already himself, Juan Antonio convinced me to try one and even paid half my participation fee. I mean, name one other coach who would do that?

He believed I could tackle the course. Him believing in me only instilled more confidence inside me. I loved that everything we had done in our training sessions came into play as practical application on the course. Juan Antonio’s training guidance helped me finish in the top 5% for the course. Doing a Tough Mudder was great because at the time, I was able to see all the hard work I had put into changing my body pay off as I climbed up 12 foot walls, climbed out of mud pits and running over 10 miles.

Guess what? I even HATED running when we first started our training journey. A remember asking him if he was joking when he told me to “run 3 miles for time.” He wasn’t. I have now competed in two Tough Mudders with Juan Antonio and I owe my success in them to his careful guidance. Tough Mudder was a nice way to see all the work we had put in as a team wasn’t a fluke.

Life Transformation

So far this has been a two year journey into changing my body and you know what? Even after having lost over 70lbs of fat, I’m still working hard and giving it everything I have because of Juan Antonio. He found a way to make exercise and training fun for me. He has that magical ability to reach people and motivate them unlike anyone I’ve ever met. I find myself motivated to go to the gym every single day.

Juan Antonio believes in never doing the same thing twice. He’s constantly evolving his training methods. If you stick with him, you will learn the best methods and techniques for strength, fat loss and unbelievable conditioning.

You will also learn how to change the way you eat to maximize your performance. That has probably made the biggest difference in my body transformation. Eat how he suggests and your body will change. I can promise you that as I’m living proof.

I think a lot of people lose their patience with exercise because they don’t see the results they want or lack the proper motivation. With Juan Antonio, you get both – quality results and an uncanny ability to find your true sources of power from within. My confidence is the highest it’s ever been. The compliments I get about my body transformation just make me work harder and motivate me even more.

The best thing I can say about Juan Antonio (and my brother and girlfriend say the same thing) is that he actually cares about you.

I have seen plenty of trainers just go through the motions with their clients – they all do the same “workouts” over and over and the trainers tend to be looking elsewhere half the time! You can clearly see they’re checked out. When I trained one-on-one with Juan Antonio, his attention was 110% on me. To this day, I still feel his attention is 110% on me.

Lastly, just remember, you don’t have to go full “Beast Mode” like me. Just try your absolute best – that’s all Juan Antonio is asking for. As long as you give a sincere effort, Juan Antonio will always have your back and be there every step of the way to make sure you get to where you want to be.

Trust me, Juan Antonio is the guy who can help change your life like he did for me. You will learn from a dedicated professional – the best coach I have ever came across.

Johnny, age 25
Retail Sales Associate
Austin, TX

I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to take on a job assignment leading a large, multinational organization. After six months and with the demands of teams spread across twelve time zones, my physical condition deteriorated, my time management was suffering, I gained weight, I was permanently tired, I smoked too much and I started experiencing stress related conditions.

With a concerted push from my wife, I decided for the first time ever to explore getting a fitness coach to manage my physical training. I wanted a fitness program that fit me and provided the consistency I was not able to attain on my own. I was incredibly lucky to have met Juan Antonio.

Our first meeting was all it took for me to realize Juan Antonio was incredibly professional and focused. We discussed my objectives and he took a serious interest in developing a personalized strategy that would address all my needs. We discussed the training approach, the nutritional habits and put in place a results-oriented metabolic resistance training program that we could execute right away.

The beginning was not easy for me. Juan Antonio, with his calm demeanor, made it all very real. Each one of our training sessions presented a new challenge and learning opportunity. Juan Antonio provided guidance and educated me on how to properly train while we established an online tracking system to keep me on target toward my goals. We constantly evaluated progress and adjusted as need be to reach new performance levels.

Juan Antonio provided a cadence in training that systematically increased my overall well-being. He was an important factor in my decision to quit smoking. He supported me and helped me during the entire process. After smoking for over 20 years, I managed to quit smoking without the need of palliatives.

Training with Juan Antonio is a serious -albeit fun- process. He introduced me to training techniques that are today (two years later) surprising to my current trainers. As my interest in training increased and I started training outside our scheduled times, or during business trips, Juan Antonio took a direct interest in providing specific training routines and guidance on the most effective ways to supplement my training objectives. He worked with me beyond the walls of the gym. No trainer since has ever done that for me.

Meeting Juan Antonio was transformational. I feel physically better than I ever have. Additionally, I’m now accustomed to training regularly – my body and mind need it. Working with him increased my physical and mental capacities and I’ve learned to adjust my work habits to better balance my family, training, work and personal time.

After almost two years of working with Juan Antonio, I left the Bay Area due to another job change. He taught me the difference an expert coach can make. Today, as my job requires extensive business travel, I take my running shoes on every trip and train everyday while I am away. This is something I never would have done had Juan Antonio not helped me develop consistent and effective training habits.

Juan Antonio is an incredible coach. He’s genuinely involved in achieving the objectives set forth. He has a deep focus in helping you reach your top physical conditioning and has a unique way of engaging you as a whole person, in and outside the 1-on-1 training time. He goes beyond what I have been able to find with other trainers since meeting him.

I was incredibly fortunate to have Juan Antonio as my coach. Thanks to him, I’m a stronger and healthier person, both inside and out. That’s something my family and I will be always be grateful for.

Pablo, age 52
Director & Executive Advisor
Toronto, Canada

I worked regularly with Juan Antonio for a little over a year. When I started with him I was 52, out of shape, had low energy and had a multitude of physical problems that had accumulated over the years. I broke my neck when I was 16 and then re-injured it on the job in my mid-twenties. These injuries left me with chronic degenerative osteoarthritis in most of my cervical vertebrae.

When I was 37, I broke my back and had to undergo a spinal fusion of 5 vertebrae in my mid-back resulting in a 20% loss of flexibility through my spine. When I started with Juan Antonio, I was also dealing with a frozen shoulder. Of course I didn’t know that’s what it was, I only knew that I had an extremely limited range of motion in my left arm and that if I went outside of that range, I was in excruciating pain. I was physically a wreck, leaving Juan Antonio to essentially inherit a mess.

On top of that, I tried working with personal trainers in the past, but all they did was break me down and hurt me so I was extremely cautious and distrusting about working with a fitness coach. Emotionally, I was quite intimidated by gyms and trainers in general. Despite this, I knew I needed help because I hadn’t been able to reach my fitness goals on my own. None of this seemed to deter Juan Antonio. From the very beginning he was optimistic and confident about helping me.

The first thing I noticed about Juan Antonio that was different from other coaches is that he didn’t have a preconceived idea of what my weight or fitness levels should be for a person of my age, gender etc. He simply met me where I was on that very first day and then methodically and consistently developed me week by week by week.

Juan Antonio has an interesting style and approach to training. He is non-judgmental, soft spoken, never in a rush, never in a bad mood – he is a Zen kind of guy. But don’t let that fool you, in his own unintimidating way, he will find every muscle fiber in your body that has been hiding and been on vacation, and he will make it tow the line! He has an uncanny knack for knowing just how far to push people. For me, it’s always further than I think I can go…but somehow, he pulls it out of me and shows me I can do it.

Juan Antonio’s training system incorporates strategic strength/conditioning movements with an intervals cardio component which gives a great balance to training sessions. He has without a doubt boosted my confidence significantly and just as importantly, he has never hurt me. When I get frustrated because I can’t do something he always says, “You’ll get it. It’s all just a matter of time.” And he’s right.

As long as I put my time in, he has shown me over and over again that what I couldn’t do yesterday, I will be able to do in a week or at some time in the future. He provides measurable, hardline results that help me believe in myself and in my progress.

The second thing I noticed about Juan Antonio that was very different from other coaches is that he makes every moment of your training session count for something. When you’re “resting” between sets, you really aren’t resting. He uses that time to stretch out the muscle group that was just worked or prepares you for the next series of movements. He has increased my flexibility as much as my strength and stamina. That’s not a small feat considering how much my body wants to tighten up as a way of self-preservation from all the injuries I’ve sustained.

Prior to starting a training session and all throughout, Juan Antonio evaluates my performance and makes adjustments as necessary. He’s constantly asking me for feedback and watches to see how I handle the tasks set before me, all the while giving me tips to help me improve what I’m doing. He’s highly focused. I think this is one of the ways he manages to get the best out of me every time.

He somehow knows, better than I do, when I can do more and when it’s enough. He listens with his eyes.

One of the things I truly appreciate about Juan Antonio is that his availability isn’t dictated by the clock. His dedication to his clients goes far beyond scheduled training sessions. He takes his role as a coach seriously, designing training protocols for me that I can do on my own time in the gym and answering any questions I may have via email or text in a timely fashion. He’s great about checking in to see how I’m doing. This really helps to keep me motivated and it gives me the structure and focus I need to train on my own. He also set up a online tracking system for me so I can chart my progress and it helps him know what we should focus on during our scheduled training sessions.

Juan Antonio is genuinely involved and committed to my success and that’s not something I have experienced with other coaches. It’s also not something I take for granted. I feel really fortunate to have him as my coach and can honestly say that he has helped me tremendously by educating and supporting me during this past year. I wouldn’t be where I am without his help.

Erin, age 53
Senior Research Scientist
San Carlos, CA

During the year that I trained with Juan Antonio, they helped transform me in many way. I arrived at my first training session after gaining weight and losing my high fitness levels. He helped put me back on track in so many ways. His brainchild, 24/7 Coach, was most helpful with accountability, guidelines for healthy eating and provided measurable scores on how I was doing.

Juan Antonio developed personalized training sessions for me that were challenging, varied and interesting.  I appreciated how he checked-in with me to ascertain how I was feeling before each training session and in-between, either at the gym, or via text/email.

He always kept my goals in mind – especially being able to do a pull-up again!!! – and pushed me to go beyond what I could ever do on my own. My age – 58 – never limited what he thought I could accomplish.


After several months of training with Juan Antonio, it was a rare day when someone at the gym didn’t comment on how my body had changed.  My belief in his abilities finally hit home. I have always found him to be extremely professional and have been impressed by his strong character and integrity.  He has a knack for balancing that fine line between establishing an effective client/coach relationship and not being too personal.

That’s not to say he’s not caring.

During an extremely stressful and emotionally difficult six months, he was incredibly empathetic and supportive when I arrived for my training sessions shell-shocked by the tragedies going on in my personal life. He was one of the few people who helped me maintain balance when I thought I couldn’t make it through another day. His calm demeanor and dedication to making my hour of training as effective as possible was as important to them as it was to me. He was understanding and flexible in matching my energy levels to each training session. And he encouraged me to stay strong mentally and physically during that difficult time.

If you stick with the Juan Antonio’s training system, you will transform yourself – your body and your attitudes toward exercise, nutrition and fitness. It will be hard, but he has the tools and resources to help you get the body you want if you’re willing to work for it.

I know and believe that anyone who follows his training system can achieve their goals.

Maryanne, age 59
Vice President
Palo Alto, CA

I trained with Juan Antonio while I was away from my home and studying at Stanford. He introduced me to an entirely new understanding of fitness, weight training and food intake. I finally understood the value of having goals and working towards them consistently versus just working out 3x per week without structure or a strategic game plan. 

Juan Antonio was rigorous with tracking my progress from the start. He highlighted that training without the proper nutrition would not enable me to achieve my goals – nutrition is an area I’ve always struggled with. Juan Antonio had a thorough understanding of nutrition and helped me further understand the basics that I knew.
Juan Antonio was as more than a personal trainer to me, he was a full on coach. He drilled home the message of why one must train in a certain manner in order to achieve the desired results.  It was good to know that he trained himself intensely  for various competitions as it gave him much more credibility than any trainer I have ever worked with. I continue to use many of the techniques that Juan Antonio taught me. Anyone serious about weight training and building muscle could benefit from his simple (although not easy) and straightforward approach. 

Scott, age 56
Investment Advisor
Marin, CA

Juan Antonio helped me change my training mindset and how to look at the big picture.

I’ve been a serious runner for many years, having done several half marathon and a ton so 10k races. In early 2012, I was challenged to run 500k before the end of June of the same year. I took the challenge and extended it. I managed to do 1000k before the new year.

I did it, but it came with some problems – I started getting issues with my feet. I got help from a very good chiropractor to sort out the issues with my feet, but it was clear that I couldn’t continue running like I used to do. I had to looks for other sort of training.


Why I needed “super core strength” from JA’s training methods.

In spring 2013, I signed up for a gym membership. I’d never done that before. My goal with going to the gym was to keep fit and get some pounds of my belly. During signup, I was offered a free session with a personal trainer and was assigned to Juan Antonio. After the free PT session, I decided to give him 3 month to help me reach some goals. It turned into a 1 year, two times a week coaching relationship.


Finished 1st triathlon with blazing speed.

I remember the first meetings with Juan Antonio vividly. He asked a lot of questions about my training goals, training history, my eating habits and about my family/business life. That’s the thing I liked about Juan Antonio from the start – he was looking at the whole picture. He saw how eating habits, sleeping habits, and family-work-social demands factored into my gym performance. He somehow new what condition my body was for each session. What I especially admired about Juan Antonio was  how intensely we worked, yet his keen on on minimizing any injuries in and outside the gym.

Juan Antonio taught me how diversified training at the gym can be; how fun it can be. With his endless circuit training sequences, we had so much variety, I don’t think we ever did the same training session twice. He’s great a pushing you to the limit on the days you and your body are up for it, and even better at working at a reasonable intensity on the days times when you might be a bit off.

I still run a lot and go to the gym, but I’ve been inspired to start doing Triathlon races. This is all a result of my time with Juan Antonio. With triathlons, I’ve found how fun it is to race again. And this time around, I’m finding the training process just as fun. I’ve developed a training mindset.

Jeppe, age 44
Start-up Consultant
Stockholm, Sweden