“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Ghandi

America is losing the war on fat.

The greatness of America is in danger of being incarcerated by fat. More than half of all American adults are either overweight or obese. (Source: American Heart Association)

What the hell happened to us? We used to be an active and fit nation. With today’s quick-fix culture, fast paced lifestyles and information overload, it’s no secret we’ve lost our way.

The current direction the scales are tipping is unacceptable at Salud.

The simple truth:

(1) If people knew how to get fit and lean, people would already be fit and lean.
(2) If people are constantly struggling to be fit and lean, they’re a) not trying b) doing something ineffective or c) what they’re doing isn’t working.

It’s not your fault.

To make matters worse, the fitness and nutrition industry as a whole are doing a piss poor job of giving you practical knowledge that will actually help you lose body fat and gain lean muscle.

Let me be clear: 98% of the fitness and nutrition industry is lying to you.

Misinformation, marketing myths and flat out lies are the reason you’re not seeing results. Sure, more fitness and nutrition-related books, magazines, bogus products and gym memberships are being sold and yes, many fitness “gurus” get plenty of media attention, but is any of that doing anything to help YOU figure out what actually works for YOUR body?

In need of systematic guidance.

We’re deathly opposed to the insanely impersonal approach of corporate gyms, the run-of-the-mill “bootcamps”, the fad of “just do things for the fastest time” and all the gimmicks most fitness products falsely promise you.

That way of doing things simply DOES. NOT. WORK.

Shitty products lead to shitty results.

Unhappy and frustrated with the current state of how corporate gyms and smaller “box gyms” are approaching the idea of “physical training” in America today, we’ve had enough.

If no one else will endeavor to do everything possible to bring back fit with integrity, we will.

Instead of simply complaining about what’s wrong with X,Y,Z, we focus on developing workable solutions that compliment and adapt to your busy lifestyle.

Trust us, life is going to happen to you. Work, home, relationships – SOMETHING WILL ALWAYS COME UP. The trick is to work with life, not against it. We only think in terms of options and solutions. We have the experience and expertise to help you figure out the few critical things you can do differently every day maximize results.

Hope for discovering the greatness within.

Salud has a reputation for a dedication to delivering results and offering clients workable solutions for sustainable lifestyle changes that go beyond short-term results.

We’re deeply concerned about the lack of depth and focus most “workouts” currently on the market offer you. Most “workouts” today are distasteful to us. Quite frankly, they suck. With more people than ever before trying to lose body fat and build muscle, we believe you deserve better.

We’re already achieving success one stronger, leaner and happier person at a time. Our client success stories speak for themselves. But we’re not satisfied with only helping a few hundred people, we want to impact hundreds of thousands of people, MILLIONS of people.

Committed to helping people transform their lives, we launched Salud to adapt our highly successful one-on-one training systems to larger groups of people. We believe people from all walks of life should have access to high quality training programs and guidance from a qualified coach.

Guided by our core values, we believe it’s our duty to correct the mistakes and right the wrongs of a failing fitness industry focused more on the bottom line than on realistic, believable and sustainable results.

You are not alone.

Salud is willing to walk with you to best troubleshoot the challenges and difficulties you’ll face.

The beauty of our approach is that we meet you wherever you are in life – never touched a weight before, advanced athlete, an athlete twenty years ago, a working mom, or a busy traveling executive.

No matter who you are or where you are in your fitness journey, our mission is clear: help you become leaner, stronger and invincible.

We know that changing your body and your life is going to be really hard. We also know what’s currently available mostly sucks. We’re going to suck less and try our absolute best to bring you to the doorstep of success.

Take a chance with us. One chance is all we ask.

We offer you expert and world-class fitness coaching that’s 100% results-based.

Real people. Real world. Real results.

That’s our obsessive focus at Salud.

Train for you, train for life.
– Juan Antonio