If you had a choice between “accelerated results” and “results” doing the SAME AMOUNT OF WORK, which results would you choose?

Minds of Steel Founder & CEO Juan Antonio has been working on 247 Coach since December 13, 2013. He believes access to high-quality knowledge shouldn’t be limited only to people who can afford a fitness coach at $+100 per hour.

247 Coach guides you through every step of the maze of nutrition, resistance training, and cardiovascular training. The software provides the strategic thinking of a professional coach every time you step into a gym.

It does all the thinking for you. 

Never again feel lost when you enter a gym. And you decide how much time to commit each week.

Have no clue where to start with food and nutrition?

No worries, 247 Coach handles that for you too.

247 Coach is the culmination of refining various training methods into a simple, proven system. It’s derived from over 13 years of training experience working 1-on-1 with clients, conducting small group training sessions, and working in corporate fitness environments.

247 Coach beta is live for Apple IOS. To participate in our current private beta program, please email ja@my247coach.com to learn about the opportunity.  

Any additional questions, please reach out to JA directly at 650.213.2626. Thank you.